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Tel: 029 222 547

Mob:  +386 49 187 364

Mob: +377 44 401 419

St: Jonit nr. 33
(te ish tregu i gjelbër)

Republika e Kosovës


About us

“Favor-ing” is an engineering, construction, and planning company. We create and care for essential assets: buildings, houses, schools, and other major structures.

We work in partnership with sophisticated customers who value the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise – applying our skills to meet their individual needs.

We have a clear strategy, which we believe will enable us to achieve our ambitions for continuing growth. In the short term, we believe growth is already built into our order book and the plans of our major customers and partners.

The strength of the base on which we build our strategy is equally important in determining how successful we will be. We have a number of characteristics that, taken together, underpin the confidence we have in our long-term success.


Our company “Favor-ing” is a planning and construction firm from Kosova, founded in the beginning of 2005.

Favor-ing's mission is to serve its customers with quality construction services, which adds value to their projects. From planning through post construction, Favor-ing is committed to projects. “Favoring” serves its clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options.

“Favor-ing” excels when working as part of a collaborative team to develop, design, and construct each project. Favor-ing’s clients participate in the process every step of the way, controlling the design, and achieving their goals for cost, schedule, and quality.

Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which “Favor-ing” has built its reputation.